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  • 3 ft x 3 ft
    Gorilla Grow Tents
    The Ideal Grow Tents for Both Professional and Beginning Growers Professionally-designed Gorilla Grow Tents are the TALLEST, THICKEST, and STRONGEST indoor gardening tents available. They are also the only height...
  • LightHouse Grow Tents
    LightHouse Grow Tents
    LightHouse® grow tents offer the quality, durability, features, and performance typically associated with much more expensive grow tents. Three sizes are available, so you can choose the tent that best fits with the size...

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Grow Tents

Which is the Best Grow Tent?

The best grow tent is going to be one that uses high quality zippers, canvas and mylar materials. The zipper is the main functioning part on a grow tent and the most common part to fail on a cheap grow tent. Cheap grow tents may look the same but are usually made of far inferior parts and are sometimes even toxic.

Hydroponic Grow Tents with Lights

Hydroponic grow tents with lights are fast becoming the choice for many indoor growers looking to fill their grow room with a dense garden without all the hassle of cabinets or other boxes. Hydroponic grow tents with lights also help to eliminate heat, light and odors from the garden area in an economical way compared to grow boxes.

New LED Grow Tent Systems

Some of the best grow tent kits on the market today are LED grow tents. LED grow tents are the same as a typical grow tent with HPS lights but instead they use LED grow lights. LED grow tent kits use less electricity, produce less heat inside the tent and therefore do not need the intense cooling systems that HID grow tents need.

To make a grow tent kit using our LED grow lights follow these steps:

1. Choose your size and brand of grow tent.

2. Taking into consideration the size of the tent, the type of plants you will be growing and what cycle each tent will be used for. (ex. veg, flowering or both)

3. Choose the size and number of LED grow lights you will need to light each grow tent.

If you have any trouble at all or just have questions, give us a call at 1-800-401-6307. We are glad to help you put together the perfect grow tent system.