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  • NEW - Diamond Series EX-OIL Light - 5w Cree & 3w Cree LEDs
    NEW - Diamond Series EX-OIL Light - 5w Cree & 3w Cree LEDs
      Partner light to increase oil in any plant when paired with any HID, LED, or greenhouses.   The Diamond Series Extreme Oil Light is the first and only light on the market used to increase oil production...
  • NEW - Diamond Series XML - 10W CREE XML
    NEW - Diamond Series XML - 10W CREE XML
      10W CREE XML Chips - The largest single chip LEDs of any LED grow light on the planet.   Replaces a 600w HPS and many customers are even replacing 1000w systems in commercial greenhouses. The Biggest...
  • NEW - Diamond Series LEDs - Extreme 3w LED Technology
    NEW - Diamond Series LEDs - Extreme 3w LED Technology
      The Biggest Breakthrough in LED Grow Light Technology.  Period.   Available Models:  100w, 200w, 300w, 400w, 600w, 800w Runs Cool and Saves Electricity! Exclusive NEW Diamond Series...
  • XTE Series LED Grow Light - USA Made 5w LEDs
    XTE Series LED Grow Light - USA Made 5w LEDs
    Proudly Announcing: The All-New XTE Series with True USA 5w CREE XT-E LEDs Building on the success of our flagship Diamond Series, our new XTE series uses the cutting-edge design and materials from our USA partners and...
  • NEW - Diamond Series EX-Veg - 5W CREE XT-E LEDs
    NEW - Diamond Series EX-Veg - 5W CREE XT-E LEDs
    High Output 5w CREE XT-E LEDs 5w XT-E LEDs produce extreme vegetative results, guaranteed. Runs Cool and Saves Electricity when replacing Metal Halide. Just plug in and grow, no ballasts or high wattage...

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LED Grow Lights

Caution:  Don't be fooled by fake 5w LEDs!
Many new lights with so-called 5w LEDs are really just using overdriven 3w chips. 

Get extreme results with our real 3w and 10w CREE LEDs!

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A+ Rating with the Better Business Bureau

Experience Our LED Grow Lights that Produce Growth Identical to HID Lights

Have you bought the “new 5w LED grow lights” and found your plants suffered? Are you apprehensive about trying our LED lights to replace your HID lights because your attempted to do so did not go well? Here are the reasons why these indoor grow lights failed:

  • Most 5W LED lights are just using overdriven 3W chips, which leads to substandard performance.
  • Many LED grow light companies cut corners and use inferior materials, which causes their lights not to come close to match the plant yields obtained with HID lights.

At Advanced LED Lights, our authentic 3W and 10 W CREE LED lights deliver highly focused beams of light in the precise wavelengths plants need for optimal photosynthesis. In fact, research suggests high-quality LEDs produce more photons (light particles) than standard HID lights. We spend 30 percent more than the standard price in order to purchase the highest quality LEDs possible. Our investment means our LED lights will produce plant growth and garden yields than will surpass your highest expectations. What if you could save electricity, reduce heat output from lighting, and still have a huge harvest? That's exactly what our Diamond Series LED grow lights give you! If you want high yields per foot with an LED grow light, then you need to explore the options available in our Diamond Series LED grow lights today!

Reasons to Avoid Cut Rate LED Grow Lights

In the long run, cheap LED lights actually cost you money….

  • Cheap LED lights use low-grade materials, which means they only last a short time.
  • If the price of the LED grow light is unbelievably low, chances are the quality of the light output will be low as well. In all likelihood, the garden or crops grown using this type of light source will fail during the first
  • Cut-rate LED lights use more electricity and generate more heat than high-quality LED grow lights, which means higher power bills.

Have you seen an LED grow light offer that seems like it is too good to be real? Give us a call at 1-800-401-6307 and tell our rep about it. Our Advanced LED Light experts will let you know if the “deal” you found is likely either a dream come true or a horrible nightmare.

Discover the Advanced LED Light Difference

We understand that LED grow lights are a significant investment for growers, so we want to ensure you are confident about your choices when you buy our products. Our Advanced LED Light experts are ready to answer your questions our products and to recommend the LED grow lights best suited for your indoor garden. To stay current with the latest information about LED grow lights and indoor gardening, bookmark our site since we update our content on a routine basis. We also offer a 90-day, no risk trial on all our Diamond Series and Extreme Flower LED lights. If your purchase does not meet your expectations, just return it to us for a 100% no hassle refund. For complete details, please check our Terms and Conditions. Call 1-800-401-6307 to learn about our discounts available for large orders and repeat customers! At Advanced LED Lights, our entire team works hard to ensure we earn and maintain the trust of each of our customers. Experience the difference our commitment makes in our customer service when you contact us with your questions and online orders!

Discounts available for large orders and repeat customers!

 Buy your light from a company you can trust.  Order online or call us today.

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