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  • 15 Amp, 24 Hour, Grow Light Timer
    15 Amp, 24 Hour, Grow Light Timer
    Automate LED Light Management with a Grow Light Timer While a 24-hour grow light timer is essential for hydroponic systems, both professional indoor gardeners and hobbyists find consistent light and dark cycles enhances the...
  • Adjust Drive Light Rail Complete System
    Adjust Drive Light Rail Complete System
    Adjust-a-drive motor w/6' rail plus mounting hardware The all new LightRail AdjustaDrive is the newest linear light mover available from Gualala Robotics Inc. The self propelled Light Rail 4.0 Adjust-a-Drive is...
  • Digital Cooling Thermostat
    Digital Cooling Thermostat
    Using a timer to automate your lighting adds convenience and encourages productive growth with consistent hours of light. Timers are also essential for all hydroponic system applications.   Digital...
  • Light Track System
    Light Track System
    The Hydrofarm Light Track eliminates shading and allows more uniform growth and development. It's a simple way to increase your harvest. The Hydrofarm Light Track slowly moves your fixture back and forth along its length,...
  • Reflective Mylar Film, 25' x 4', 1 mil
    Reflective Mylar Film, 25' x 4', 1 mil
    Makes the most efficient use of your lighting by reflecting light onto your plants Reflective metallized film is the best reflective material made - mirror-like efficiency! Dimensions:  25' Long x 4' Wide 1 mil...

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LED Light Accessories

All accessories will be charged a shipping fee even if purchased with an LED Grow Light.  These items will ship seperate from our LED Lights.